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Can I Suggest for something? XD

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Can I Suggest for something? XD Empty Can I Suggest for something? XD

Post by [C]uteLeTz on Mon Jun 08, 2009 12:20 am

Hey You~ Exclamation

I Just want to suggest something...

can you add another category named "GFX Zone and Digital Photo Zone"
so we can share the images that we edit there (GFX Zone)...
and our real life picture (Digital Photo Zone)

like me? I have alot of Animated Images to share but..

Much better if I can share it to a Category named GFX Zone.. right?

like here.. Here's our GFX Zone..

and I also what to share my real life pictures

also fansigns Smile... But there's no Digital Photo Zone.. How could I share it? XD

Here's our Digital Photo Zone..:

I'm the siggy maker, video maker, logo maker, forum maker,
website maker, banner maker and so on in that family XD...

If you don't want my suggestion.. Its ok! You can trash it! Cool

Here's my premade forums in our Family in HS5 PH:

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